CTO, Epoch @ IMSA

EPOCH is an IMSA project to provide the IMSA community the computational resources needed to perform advanced machine learning tasks in a high-performance cluster. As a board member & CTO, I oversee our technological vision and overall reliability of the HPC cluster at both the hardware and software levels.

The Red Alliance

The Red Alliance is a collection of tools designed to collect, store, and analyze scouting data for FRC competitions. I work on all three aspects: the mobile app for data collection, the backend API for data processing and storage, and the analysis backend for calculating key metrics such as Elo and Glicko-2 for various FRC teams.

US Patent #62/786,693

The invention uses a neural network to analyze key indicators of potentially unreliable content, such as account age, posting frequency, and estimated location, to output a reputability score of the content.

Thinkpad Tools

Thinkpad Tools allows Lenovo Thinkpad users running Linux to easily configure Thinkpad properties such as trackpoint speed and battery charge thresholds.


Thoxyn is a project designed to restore empathy and critical thinking to the world. It uses a propreitary algorithm to encourage conversation and debate to stimulate difficult conversations.

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